You're out on the town, having a few drinks with some good friends. Things are starting to close down, it's around 2:30 in the morning. You have the munchies. Suddenly, it hits you. You want a donair. A real, honest-to-goodness Halifax Donair. Tomatoes, onions, strip after strip of meat cut right from the spit as it turns... what could be better?

Top Ten Nova Scotia Inventions

The Chronicle Herald has a very nice article about the top 10 Nova Scotian inventions on their site.

Are Toronto’s donairs any good? We asked two guys from Sloan to taste test them.

Looks like the donair is making waves in Toronto. The media is getting Halifamous folks to do taste testing! expands into Ontario and beyond!

If you're a Nova Scotian living somewhere else in Canada, and a lover of donairs, then chances are this web site leaves you hungry for a taste of home.

Starting today, we'll be adding donair restaurants from all across Canada and the world as we find out about them.

If you know of somewhere that has amazing, Halifax-style donairs, email us - and we'll get it added to the site.

Doinkballs. Really. And they're AMAZING!

Many of you know I've been after Bonehead's BBQ to make Doinkballs for a while now.

Those of you who are not in the know might be hungry to learn that "doink" is "donair + oink". These tasty tidbits are going to be donair meatballs, wrapped in bacon and then smoked. What could be better?

Where does your favorite donair come from?


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